UDAV Story

A Story Of Creation

The journey leading to the creation of UDAV began in Hackney. One of the co-founders was born into a family, who had been living in hackney  spanning back over three generations. 

The UDAV co-founder experienced brain surgeries as a child and sustained brain injury. While this lead to functional deficits in some areas, some abilities such as creativity were retained and possibly  heightened as a result of the head injury.  

He went on to study at Central  Saint Martin’s and to contribute at a professional level in the performing arts, visual arts and musical arts including: BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Sun, Mirror, Star, EMI / KPM, Pentagram and many more. On-going health  issues have however been obstructive along the way and prevented him reaching his full potential. 

The co-founder used his personal health and life experience to benefit others by turning his attention to advising in Government on long term  health conditions, equality and fairness. He was motivated to take this path by his passion for the subject and began by advising in the Mayor of London’s office and later contributing in Parliament because of his extensive pioneering rehabilitation treatment.

The UDAV co-founder worked on the London 2012 Olympic project along with the project team including Lord Sebastian Coe, Lord Paul Deighton,  MP Boris Johnson amongst others. This was a project set to change the world forever, making it a fairer more inclusive place for everybody. Sadly due to the sad passing of close friend and project lead, the Mayor of London’s Senior Advisor on Equality and  Accessibility at the time the project was abandoned just before completion.  


UDAV was created with the coming together of the three founders. With the combined experience of relevant personal health history, a highly experienced and successful business man, a champion of the regeneration of Hackney  and a leading clinical expert  in the field of rehabilitation medicine. With a combined shared vision for equality. 

UDAV began its journey by taking talented people with ill health in a state of despair,  often living in poverty and helping them to improve their health and all round improved wellbeing. UDAV is helping to facilitate and empower people to be in a place where they are able to contribute back into society.