About UDAV


What Is UDAV

UDAV is a not for profit charitable organization that helps all people after they have experienced health problems. Health problems, whether short or long term health conditions, treatable or untreatable, UDAV's professional’s attempt to reduce the individuals suffering.  

UDAV specializes in helping people who have sustained neurological trauma. UDAV also specializes in helping people who experience medical problems and who are involved in the creative industries. 


What UDAV Does

UDAV supports, funds, creates and runs projects  that help people with health conditions.

UDAV also supports, funds, creates and runs  projects that support people with health conditions to achieve independence, by supporting them with career starts and progression, when they are ready to do this and their health status allows this.   


Reason For Udav's Existence

UDAV's exists firstly to address the gaps in society which are currently not addressed for those with health issues, which results in disastrous consequences for everybody in society.

With out general awareness and long term solutions to these issues, things can quickly deteriorate.  

Often the greatest struggle and cause of suffering for those with health problems is caused by being in a state of poverty from the loss of the ability to practice their skills, unemployment and loss of financial opportunity available to them.  

It also exists in response to the growing number of people being destitute and homeless in society as a direct result of ill health. 

In the same way it exists in response to the growing number of people self-harming including suicide within society as a result of their health issues. 

Furthermore it  exists in response to the number of people resorting to criminal activity within society as a result of undiagnosed serious health issues, or lack of awareness of health issues. 


UDAV's Objective's


  • To create greater levels of equality within society. 
  • To help destitute people within society reach a basic standard of living.
  • To help those in despair and reduce and prevent incidences of self- harm and suicide.
  • To help prevent those with health issues from becoming offenders and committing criminal activity. 


UDAV's Methodology


UDAV achieves its objectives by:

· Creating awareness surrounding the subject of the issues those with health problems face. 

· Providing health and wellbeing services. 

· Providing employment support services for volunteering, self-employment and employment